poetry = nonsense
nonsense = meaninglessness
meaninglessness = void
void = nothingness
nothingness = spirit

Haiku (Traditional format)
Router lights blinking furiously at 3 A.M. -- traffic from abroad Every day I see more of the world, yet somehow, I am no wiser Blue hornets nesting outside my bedroom window -- I'm abuzz with joy The dryer tumbles my shirts and socks round and round -- cold nights, yummy warm socks A fresh razor blade so I don't tear my face up -- this is luxury Frogs legs on my plate after much croaking he croaked -- tastes just like chicken! (version II) The little frog croaked one final time, for my plate - tastes just like chicken! O Wise DBA! In the table of thee, what's the primary key? The gardener just quit Now the trees can breathe easy -- this is happiness Sorry to have missed your call - my chances at life. Leave a message. Beep. I sneezed in my house So alike, inside and out the geese fled startled [22 VI 98] Look within to see the outside world in full view Mirrors is all we are Feel -- taku scan-scan the Dakotan mystery Something in motion Sitting in the tub a blade between my fingers how pathetic, I Funny little mouse hiding under newspaper his tail sticking out A man lies buried by his gravestone floret blooms soon she too will fade Lying on her back legs loosely open for me what more could I want? So tired, the old man wonders if he'll have the strength to live one more day it's all sex and death ...and laughter, all bundled up in a jumbled mess Poetry, Passion Nonsense devoid of meaning So says The Bard Trinity loves me She belongs to another -- but that matters not My phone sits idle waiting for a call to ring -- I stare, waiting too Tears roll down my cheeks, salty expressions of joy and sublime moments Dinner by myself Onions, yams, a stout. Loneliness. Something emptying Work, the penalty we pay for having to eat -- perhaps I should fast Every slave harbours as futile as it may seem the hope of freedom the poor fellow drowned just below the waters' surface -- hoping to make it Shapeless impressions twist and shift in pink and green when I close my eyes I saw me today in the mirror. Dry, lifeless A withered flower I heard a man speak of the best times of his life and felt I've missed out I've been abusive by writing just any thought of the haiku form I'm sliding again but I don't care anymore poor self centered me the melancholy of a woman's voice singing I sit all alone I lie on soft sheets I lie in an empty tub I lie underground [16 VIII 09] The teapot whistles beckons me from my dreaming -- time for tea, and you [16 VIII 09] The candle rages as if it were a wild fire -- in its little dish [16 VIII 09] so cute koalas and affectionate seeming but beware, or ouch! [7 IX 09] recorded in stone papyrus or celluloid - human tragedy [09-09-09] spiders with their nets proscribe my reach to bug spray - without meaning to a steaming bathtub shampoo bottles on the shelf a drink in my hand [14 IX 09] so still stands the finch whilst the world falls to pieces - little does he care [23-IX-2010] means of deception doublespeak used as weapons our media today [10-I-2013]
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