poetry = nonsense
nonsense = meaninglessness
meaninglessness = void
void = nothingness
nothingness = spirit

All the drops of water
Downstream flows as it always has, as it must That river, the Great Nile of our collective consciousness. Down to the sea it goes without malice, pride or lust where it is welcome and met with a smile in the breast of our Mother's kindness. In its mad, tumultous rush against riparian rocks it crashes and in spritely skyward gush it dazzles, splinters and splashes into a million tiny droplets all fresh and shivering, full of glee these youthful would-be eaglets who become what I call me. So it is with us men that in the warmth of sunlight we ever briefly and joyfully bask 'till the time comes again to conclude our merry flight and thus fulfill our precious task. To carry a loving kiss from Helios, our bright father whose faithful stallion Skinfax in securing his path is never amiss and daily convoys him hither as nightly he from us hijacks. Merry and felicitous are we who warmth and kisses bring back to our Mother Earth's loving breast. Blessed, that tired and weary on her snuggling bosom we can bivouac and under her aegis quiesce, finally rest.
This poem was written for an old friend Dale Wales who led a long, foot-loose life and passed away of lung cancer. He left this world without hearing these words of mine but I hope that in some way my thoughts aided him in his release from a protracted and torturous fight with this disease.

Wherever you are Dale, I hope your trumpet is with you. Play a note for me old man!

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All Rights Reserved
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