poetry = nonsense
nonsense = meaninglessness
meaninglessness = void
void = nothingness
nothingness = spirit

Lucifer (invictus)
The morning star, brilliant in its purity looked upon itself, in the aurora of time and blinded by its own splendour could no longer see that of the Father's 'Tis light that forms the heart of darkness and wisdom to reckon the two are one 'Twas the will of the Father His most holy appointment that lovely Satana'el remain faithful as most ancient adversary And his host was fashioned from the ranks of celestial hierarchy brothers and cousins of Micha'el of Gabri'el, Uzi'el and Rapha'el of the great families of the Malakhim Each in turn enlightened to self abacinated with the flame of ego a fratricide of epic consequence the rebirth by progeny of the Father [S.O.S.] The great sin is to believe the great deceit that the darkness witnessed in your soul with the eye to Time's creatures closed is diabolical corruption Nay! your cecity to the divine is sight and He whose pupil ye shall meet at Eckhart's point is but your own And iniquity and perversion are the natural rule of law and the depravity in your brother is your own, and the heinous and atrocious in our midst the sacred order and the malevolence in your heart the light of the Father [27-X-2011]
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