poetry = nonsense
nonsense = meaninglessness
meaninglessness = void
void = nothingness
nothingness = spirit

A child's answer
Asks of his father the child "Daddy why are the winds wild?" Answers the father, "it's pressures and humidity... and odds" but a different day it's "my child, it's the will of the Gods" still another day he only stares back and nods Asks of his mother the child "Mommy why is my heart easily riled?" Answers the mother, "discipline is God's challenge to Men" but a different day it's "a trait patent with us now and then" still another day "Baby, that's beyond my ken" Asks the disciple of his master "can't I get there any faster?" To which the wise man replies "whosoever tells you yes surely lies" but a different day it's "faster is for he who tries" still another day, "do not heed anyone's advice" Asks the parishioner of his pastor "will the world end in disaster?" but the man just shrugs his shoulders suggests the answer's with Zoroaster Asks the proselyte of his rabbis "cannot God hear our cries?" but the tall hats waver helplessly mutter confusedly rolling their eyes Asks the heretic of the divinity "was it your choice to wrap infinity in the three faces of the holy trinity?" "to make of Man's heart a black box opaque and hard, inscrutable as rocks?" "to make suffering the path to growth and good and evil an illusion of both?" the answers are all honest and sincere but something's most certainly queer for much as one thinks of it it's plain they make nothing clear Ask Plato and he'd indubitably state we've got it backwards, it's master that should ask for he knows the questions momentous and great and how to set the poor student to task So thinks the child growing there are no answers worth knowing that aren't plain in the showing 2-XII-09
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