poetry = nonsense
nonsense = meaninglessness
meaninglessness = void
void = nothingness
nothingness = spirit

Instead of a single name, my sweet girl got three: one rare, one royal - a valiant English queen in memoriam - and still a third divine, archetypal and beloved Many a girl would have hoped for as fair and lovely a countenance, as rare a heart or tranquil a soul as in my lovely sprite I find and every day continue to discover Enchanted I was from the start and long after this world has faded in my heart this love will endure; sing her praises I will, and in longing continue to burn for that timid, willowy elf that once loved me and held my hand through my tumultuous path
Written as an acrostic for Ninna, my own personal gud förklädd whom I dearly adore. The title echoes the trinity of qualities alluded to in the poem that make her special - it is a reference taken from the Kyballion, the source of Hermetic wisdom to which she introduced me.
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