poetry = nonsense
nonsense = meaninglessness
meaninglessness = void
void = nothingness
nothingness = spirit

Haiku (Crash)
With every new crash I slow down a little more One day I'll just stop No skid marks to tell - as if it never happened! the pain? real enough Glass splinters clinging to my face. A memory, of recent nightmare I'm sore all over and cannot straighten my arms they tremble in fear In my empty house I quietly lick my wounds and sob a little Got smashed in the mouth Now I'm staring silently -- with nothing to say Today I am sure every human is like me we all, so fragile She protects me still like she always did, and now from the Great Beyond What is to be learned? I have wondered to myself -- there must be something
Copyright © 2011 Erick Calder
All Rights Reserved
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