poetry = nonsense
nonsense = meaninglessness
meaninglessness = void
void = nothingness
nothingness = spirit

Should I die
should i die God’s messengers meet tell them I would of you their untested souls thirst for the female they may never experience tell them pricked ears of how in softest silk you are clad compleat and when you speak the sonorous voices of a babbling brook my heart fills with naught but a joy in heaven unimaginable and when Providence tickles, your eyes — hairline slits smiling the world fill with a light that rivets my intellect to the ethereal recount to these large vaporous children of God what their essence yearns for I would, and speak of things intimate snd secret of the rhythm of your breath as you practice each night returning to heaven whilst I watch over you of the ecstasy of your lips when offered so fully to me pregnant with the splendour of your sweetness — a taste the wildest of bees could not imagine distilling of the power you wield over my unenlightened spirit when you my claims indulge desires sate, wishes purvey how is it you can what no angel could hope to perform this quotidian miracle to brighten what is dark to nurture what needs to grow create unfathomable equilibrium with I as the sole witness? that they too could give testament to the will of God like I can! to come and wear the flesh cry the tears and wander lost for an aeon and twenty to starve for the divine lose faith in the Father suffer the blight of sorrow withering in uncertainty etiolating in the self abandoning all sense but the ruin of nihilism and then to find you [17 II 2019]
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