poetry = nonsense
nonsense = meaninglessness
meaninglessness = void
void = nothingness
nothingness = spirit

her first hint that something was wrong was the scent of her faeces which bore an uncanny similarity to those of her cats with that acridity typical of a carnivorous diet and none of the pestilence that owes to vegetal matter across the weeks, other clues surfaced a constant yearning to lounge on the divan a curious attraction to scratching posts and boxes unusually good sight in the darkness of night an increased predilection for meat slowly, she began to give in to unnatural impulses to sleeping endless hours of her day to the giddiness of nighttime when chasing a ball of yarn yielded a bizarre form of excitement to staring at walls intently whilst no one paid attention with each new moon the condition only deepened the constant chatter of friends and family becoming irritating the urge to fastidiously groom taking more of her waking time the thought of eating at the table becoming surreal in her mind and the lustful urges to be petted! with time her biology began to obey the strange mutations in her heart and mind her teeth lengthened slightly, narrowing her hair transforming into fur, ears becoming pointy and the sharp tines of curved claws started to poke out from under her fingernails and water became terrifying the toilet an unmanageable contraption cables and strings demanded chewing and clothing an intolerable obstruction she started hiding under the furniture eventually her mind became unable to even recognise her own name until the very notion of having a name was effaced from her consciousness replaced, along with other human concerns, by the sentiments of feline creatures by then her body had shrunk to the size of a cougar become fully covered in a beautiful coat of striped fur with ears having shifted up to their traditional position and lips split in leporine fashion, pupils vertical today she rests by my side, purring softly along with my other furry lovers with whom she shares the divan but only begrudgingly [22-IX-2022]
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