poetry = nonsense
nonsense = meaninglessness
meaninglessness = void
void = nothingness
nothingness = spirit

that evening they understood everything the mysteries of the whole great experience were given them to comprehend for across the millennia they had struggled and they had become ready and then they laughed, about the geese and marvelled at the darkness of the rain and raised their glasses in gratitude for the kindness of grapes and soil and sunlight and they cried for the great loss, and the eternal sadness and cried for having been so close for so long and felt the stillness of being there, in that special place where it all becomes clear, where it's all indifferent they got there just like that, and they knew why why then and in that manner why the halfness of truth, and the symmetries of high and low why death and why orange and blue go so well together and why they couldn't see the thing before - when it was before their very noses the whole time and why it was all ok it's all good he always said with a broad, honest smile and however much he couldn't explain it, bound in the confusion of our human logic, he knew in his deepest core he was right and the choices of gods in the unravelling of a ball of yarn in the will of Norn destinies woven the calamity of black boxes reverberating in the long somber notes of a cello made their bodies shiver uncontrollably with the premonition of the Gates and the mysterious host of the Echtroi it was a long night and they solved nothing but they did finally understand that nothing needed solving and that all that was, wasn't and all that wasn't could be all just like that [16-II-06]
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