poetry = nonsense
nonsense = meaninglessness
meaninglessness = void
void = nothingness
nothingness = spirit

Confined by charcoal traces, the fancy of Magdelanian troglodyte, luxuriant golds and crimson spaces survive millenia protected from light A paleolithic memory of bison and deer in silence and cavernal darkness resides The fragile silhouette of creatures queer in powders ochre kept and zinc oxides The great aurochs have been extinguished by the bravery of arrow, the cruelty of spear From Altamira to the Jaktorów they've vanished hunted down without mercy year after year 'Tis our right to dominate the Earth's beasts, the Christian Book says, to serve for our feasts Across the world a pagan civilisation will feed on roots, grains and legumes believing every being in God's creation sacred - an ethic that speaks volumes of the chasm between thoughts Oriental and those that predicate the clemency of fire-breathing iron sticks - Occidental militancy, ignoble in thinly veiled hypocrisy In our modernity the men give chase obeying old perversities deep within whilst a deer bleeds on deathly race till it falls to be called a win Eat we must, but also live with grace 'tis not better a place where all embrace?
  1. The Sanskrit word ahimsa denotes an individual's intention to commit no harm, a tenet central to many Eastern religions. In Ashtanga yoga this concept serves as the first of five yamas or ethical commitments a person can make. Read more...
  2. The expression fire-breathing iron sticks is a reference to the descriptive term used by the autochthonous peoples of America for the European rifle.
  3. For a graphic depiction and further information on the now extinct aurochs mammal of Europe, see the wikipedia
  4. Located in the Spanish region of Cantabria, the caves of Altamira serve to house prehistoric paintings designated by UNESCO as part of the human cultural heritage.
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